Redline Knife Set Fundraising, BONUS Asiimov 2019
Redline Knife Set Fundraising, BONUS Asiimov 2019
Redline Knife Set Fundraising, BONUS Asiimov 2019
Redline Knife Set Fundraising, BONUS Asiimov 2019

Redline Knife Set Fundraising, BONUS Asiimov 2019

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$3,803.00raised of $8,000.00 goal

47% funded

These knives will be produced when we reach $8,000.00 goal.

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Update Jan 7th, 2019

Redline butterfly has been updated with the official design by EmKay!! He is the creator of Redline skins, check out his workshop, he got bunch of new submissions.

Update Jan 3rd, 2019

- We decided to run the campaign until it's fully funded - no time restrictions will be imposed. As soon as we reach the goal, the production will be launched.

- Original creator of the Redline series, EmKay, is currently redesigning butterfly knife for us.

- As a bonus, we add 2019 version of Asiimov to the campaign without increasing the total amount! 


Our dear Customers and CSGO fans,

        You've been regularly asking us to make more custom knives, and we indeed have lot of beautiful designs planned. However, bringing a new design to life is an expensive and risky process because it is hard to predict whether the work will be popular enough to pay off the investments and how soon it would provide enough revenue for reinvesting into new projects. While our existing custom knives are favored far more than the generic csgo knives, we are still not able to launch the production for new designs.

        That is why we decided to start this fundraising campaign with your help! Every single one of you can participate by contributing at any desired level and get a particular REDLINE knife (or the complete set) at a unique Supporter price.


There are 5 options with associated rewards to choose from:

       - $ 17.00 Redline Karambit

              At this level you get a brand new Karambit knife with Redline pattern.

       - $ 23.00 Redline Butterfly

              At this level you get a brand new Butterfly knife with Redline pattern.

       - $ 40.00 Redline Full Set

              At this level you get a both Karambit and Butterfly knife with Redline pattern.

       - $ 60.00 Redline Full Set + Any Knife

              At this level you get the complete set of Redline knives + you get to choose any knife which is currently available on our website.

        - $ 1.00 Thank you

             This is a special level we created for any one who would love to support this campaign but do necessarily need a knife. And of course you can contribute more than $1 by changing the quantity :)


We greatly appreciate your help and hope you are really excited about this new Redline design!


Additional information:

 - If campaign is successful, we expect to start the production in mid Jan 2019 and begin shipping knives no later than March 2019. 

- Karambit features a new construction. It is still full tang, but the handle will be mold around the tang like in the authentic design. Also, blade is slightly longer and new sheath now has stripes for belt/backpack carry.

- Butterfly model has an improved blade design with enhanced ergonomic.


We do consider adding stretch goals once the minimum of $ 8k is achieved. It might be another knife design, or even a new knife model (any one wants M9 Bayonet with custom skin?).




- Brandon J, Angela L., Mike C., Robert H., Anthony F., Jonathan M., Roberto T., Samantha K., David S., Francisco G., Emma L., Robert K., Mark L., Olivia K., Alex R., Marcos F., Allison O.,  Gene C., Michael H., John P., Leo S., Cassandra, T.


- Matheus M., Carlos D., Marcos E.,


- Émilien P., Ray L., Marc H.,


 - Jonas P.,


 - Pio, M.M.,

*List updates daily. Final version will be saved and published on our website. Thank you a lot for baking this project!